Monday, June 15, 2009

JUNE 15, 2009 - Monday. The new 15,000 seat worship center was just dedicated by the Sungrak Church in Seoul, South Korea. It is now Korea's largest worship center and is among the world's 5 largest worship centers. Though it now has only 15,000 pew seats, the auditorium space can actually accomodate a maximum capacity seating of 22,000 when additional pews are added in the future. The first regular worship service was Sunday, June 7.

The church has additional services at its two other on-site worship centers that seat 6,000 and 3,600 people. The dedication of both the new domed worship center and its adjoining 13 story World Missions Center was attended by national government leaders, media, and church leaders from more than 30 countries. There were two of us who were invited foreign guest speakers for the dedication: myself and Dr.Ralph Waller. Dr. Waller is the new director of the Oxford University netword of colleges. I led the guest lecture on "America's Megachurches Today." Dr. Sung Hyun Kim, the son of senior pastor Dr. Ki Dong Kim, received both his bachelor and doctoral degrees from Oxford.

The congregation has a network of 57 branch churches throughout South Korea that receive live satellite services from the central congregation in Seoul each Sunday. The church began in 1969 with only seven founding members.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

QUOTE- Craig Groeschel,
"As society changes faster the ministry window of opportunity grows shorter. The Willow Creek model had a good 20 year run, Fellowship and North Point have a good 15 year run, and has a good 10 year run. The next onw after us will probably only have 5 years. We must learn to change faster and to reinvent ourselves every 1-2 years."
Source: Interview with John Vaughan. America's Most Influential Churches.
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Volumes 3 & 4 (50 Volume/1000 churches Series)

ANNOUNCING - June 2009 new book releases - America's Most Influential Churches (vol 3 & 4). John N. Vaughan. The next two volumes in the 50 book series will be available in June. A unique feature of this series, in a world of rapidly changing churches, is that plans are to update each volume each year. Each volume shares how the churches began, their struggles, how they broke barriers faced by other churches of all sizes, and how they are learning to cooperate with God in His plan for America's churches.

Volume one is also updated for release at the same time to reflect changes in attendance, multi-campus sites, pastoral changes (i.e.- Jerry Falwell, James Kennedy, Ted Haggard, and others), worship schedules, new worship center construction, and more.

The paperback edition of volume 1 will triple its former content in the new ebook version to be released later this summer. The volume will appear as two volumes, Volumes 1 & 2 because of the increased content and size. Since the much shorter paperback version already has 50 churches, the new triple content size ebook updated volumes 1 & 2 will include 25 of the original 50 in each volume. Plans also include the additional release of volumes 5 and 6 later this year.
All books are desiged for immediate download in PDF for easy use as handouts, in part or whole, for use by groups within your church or organization only. This means you are instantly getting unlimited copies of each volume for the price of one. Resale, redistribution or republication outside your church or organization and/or on the Internet is prohibited just as any other copyrighted publication. Your advantage is that you can reproduce it for your church or organization free after you buy your copy.

Nearly 1,000 churches will be included in the 50 volume series with 20 churches in each book. To insure the ability to provide annual updates, all volumes will be released in ebook editions. This will allow for immediate download of the books, instant updates in information from the churches that are profiled in each chapter, and photos, PDF handouts of individual pages and/or chapters for staff meetings, small group and classroom discussion. The paperback version of volume 1 had more than 180 black and white copyrighted photos. The ebook versions will also include photos.

This will provide church leaders with both the largest and most current available profiles of the nation's most influential churches. New growth churches, planted since the 1990s, are also included in the series. Watch this blog for order links in JUNE. Join the mailing list at: - Subject line: Joining the CGT Mailing List.

UPDATE - 2009 Annual Lists of America's 200 Largest and 200 Fastest Growing Churches

Information is now being received for the July release of the churches. The July release will provide information based on the 2007 and 2008 average worship attendance growth gains. An additional list will be released later in the year of the largest attendance churches for January-June 2009. Rapid growth churches come in almost any attendance size, so be sure to share your information with me. To take the 5 minute survey, click: SURVEY
to Church Growth Today. Dr. John N. Vaughan